Sri Malai Mahadeswara Swamy Krupe

Alambadi Breed

(Also known as Mahadeswarabetta, Bestal, Salem, Lambadi, Marathiyan Madu and Cauvery Valley):

Two Alambadi cows in a Goshala in Erode. Photo: Pon Dheepankar
An Alambadi Cow in its tract


The Alambadi is classified as a sub breed of the greater Dodda dana or Uber breeds consisting of the base breed Hallikar and its derivants Amrut Mahal, Chitradurga, Gajamavu,etc.., and the various cattle of the south east, which are identified unlike the Nadu dana or non descript country cattle. They are collectively called in Tamilnadu as the Malaimadus or hill cattle, with Karnataka being a plateau.The tract of the Alambadi is on both sides of the Kaveri river valley which is the border between Tamilnadu and Karnataka. This is a craggy and hilly terrain devoid of nurturing soils. It includes the modern taluks of Andiyur, Satyamangalam, Pennagaram, Mettur, Denkanikote and Hosur in Tamilnadu. In Karnataka, the tract spans over the adjoining taluks of Kollegala, Ramanagara and Bangalore rural.